Perroow Pet Life Hacks! The Coolest Stuff for You and Your Pet!


Tired of walking the streets with that same old, totally un-cool and uncomfortable pet carrier that your grandparents used to have? Your pet hates it too.

So check out this uber-fashionable designer Crossbody pet carrier! Your pet will have the time of his life while you take him with you, wherever you want. The semi-sphere window gives your cat or dog the opportunity to interact with the outside world while you take him to the coolest places. Which you will. Because these pet carriers come in amazing designs and colors!

NOW $25 OFF!

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Perroow Pet Life Hacks! The Coolest Stuff for You and Your Pet!


Meet Akira!

This love ninja was found on the streets of Puglia, in the southern heel of Italy. Needless to say, her parents couldn't give her away, so now she's leading the life of a Queen (not the band) in the land of pasta and wine.

She clearly has been traumatized by her past, but thanks to the sweet lovin' of her adoption parents, she is happier than ever before.

Favorite snack: frankfurters.

Hobbies: eating frankfurters.

Skills: catching frankfurters when thrown in the air.

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