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The 10 Best Cat Names 2019


If you thought, after reading our last blog posting "The 10 Best Dog Names 2019", that dog owners are stark raving mad, wacky, weird people, read on... The following cat names will be trending this year, so sit down, have a cup of coffee and be inspired.

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The 10 Best Dog Names 2019

Let's start this weekend with some inspiration for your new dog's name! Some pet parents will go out of their way to find a cool name for their furry friend. Some just smoke a lot. Handpicked from our customer's suggestions, here they are, in completely wacky random order:

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Therapies for dogs suffering from arthritis.

Arthritis. It happens to humans and it happens to animals. Sometimes through an injury but mostly just from old age. Arthritis is what's happening now to our dog Perroow, a 13 year old Labrador, and in this blog I'd like to share with you the different types of physiotherapy we have been applying in the last 3 months.

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The 5 Most Famous Cats Ever

In our last blog, we discussed the 5 most famous dogs ever. Now it's time to give some due respect to the felines. These cute, funny, or just famous cats are known to everyone on the planet, but hey, let's just make a list!

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The 5 Most Famous Dogs Ever

Obviously, this list is very subjective and far from complete. But here’s a tribute to some of the most famous K9s ever!

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