The 5 Most Famous Cats Ever

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The 5 Most Famous Cats Ever

In our last blog, we discussed the 5 most famous dogs ever. Now it's time to give some due respect to the felines. These cute, funny, or just famous cats are known to everyone on the planet, but hey, let's just make a list!


Hello Kitty

What do you say? A cartoon, not a cat? We don't care. She certainly is famous.

Sanrio, a Japanese company (of course), invented this character in 1974. Since then, Hello Kitty has become more famous than the theoretical love baby of Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela. Initially, she was aimed at children. Now she is the third highest grossing franchise on the planet, with products targeted at all ages. Super kawaii!

Hello Kitty - Perroow



Remember ALF? The American sitcom that aired on NBC in the late 80s?

Lucky was the Tanner family's cat. Spending his life minding his own business, until an alien named Gordon Shumway crash lands in their garage. Unfortunately, Gordon's favourite food is cats. Not so lucky for Lucky. In the next 4 seasons you'll see him trying to escape from Gordon's munchies on a daily basis.

Alf and Lucky - Perroow

Grumpy Cat

Real name: Tardar Sauce. Don't ask me why.

Grumpy Cat is probably the most famous cat on the internet. Her first picture was posted online in 2012. Obviously, everybody suspected the pictures were photoshopped. I mean... just look at it. So her owners uploaded some videos to YouTube to dismiss these claims. Lucky us. Now we can all enjoy Grumpy Cat whenever we have an internet connection. And although she definitely looks utterly grumpy, she's actually a very happy cat!

Grumpy Cat - Perroow



Definitely the most famous Instagram cat. This 2-year-old Japanese kawaii fashion icon can be seen wearing the latest, hottest and meowiest streetwear, from glasses to hats to holiday outfits. Since 2016, she's been getting more likes than all the tax cut laws in history combined! Technically, I don't know if that's true, but hey... just look at the picture.

Buona @_PIZZICATO_ - Perroow

Cheshire Cat

Another fictional character. We just don't care.

What a colourful cat. I'm not sure what Lewis Carol was taking when he wrote Alice in Wonderland, but I'm sure that stuff is not available over the counter anymore. Thank god he wrote down on paper what he saw when taking it. The Cheshire Cat is inspired by the British Shorthair, which explains the iconic grin. He can disappear at will, and usually, the big smile is the last feature you'll see. His pink and purple stripes have inspired many fashion artists over the years.

Cheshire Cat - Perroow


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