Catastrophic Cat Furniture


Cat Mod is a newly patented, second generation collection of hand crafted cat furniture. Cat Mod items are modular, meaning that you can modify your cat complex to create a completely unique design. Made in the USA.

Including its removable and washable fabric, the Cat Mod collection offers many advantages over the first generation collection, including its washable cotton canvas. This system allows you to remove the fabric from the structure without having to take down any of the mounted planks from your wall. Not only will this make cleaning a breeze but it will allow you to continue to build the structure at your leisure. This gives you the option of switching out fabric colours down the road.

This collection features a hidden bracket system, which gives the furniture a floating look when installed onto the wall. It also comes to you disassembled so that you can either follow the original template or make your own unique layout. You can also add-on to it over time, kind of like building with Legos.

Delivery times range between 1 and 15 days depending on the product, please check the item description for a more detailed delivery time. You'll get a tracking number to follow your order.

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