Cat Mod Escape Hatch

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- Great for allowing cats up, while deterring dogs
- Give your cats the vertical space that they crave
- Help your cats gain confidence by giving them a space of their own
- Solid wood
- Sturdy design; tested to hold 85lbs

Escape Hatch with Hole on Left with Gray stain and Cream brackets

This is our first generation Escape Hatch. This is a fun shelf with a large hole lined with sisal, for climbing ease.

These can be ordered with the hole to the left or right. We alternate these going up the wall, which is great to gain height in area with limited wall space and also a great way to keep dogs out of a cat’s area.

The Escape Hatch comes with two brackets attached and spaced out a 16″, for each to go into a stud. When screwed into studs, all of our wooden shelves are very strong and have been tested to hold 85 lbs. All of our furniture also comes with screws and drywall anchors.

Dimensions: Width: 18″ Height (including brackets): 6″ Depth: 11″

Shipping 3 - 5 days.