Interactive PetChatz Cameras


Digital Daycare for the Home Alone Pet.

Petchatz HD takes the idea of a pet camera to the next level and beyond, as it offers a positive, interactive pet experience that is truly unique.

Image a system where you can train your dog to contact you whenever he needs to see you and hear the comfort of your voice. Can you imagine how awesome that would be? Surely, you would think this is technology for the future, there is nothing like that for the average dog owner is there? Well, here it is and you can have it now. Monitor and interact with two-way video chats, treats, games, DOGTV, and smart video recording.

The system is a fully contained unit that is chew proof. You mount it on a wall, at a height that enables your dog to see the little TV unit where your face will appear when you connect to the unit. The two-way audio-visual technology provides unrivalled communication with you and your dog.The true impact of the PetChatz system is the Pawcall, which is a floor-based unit that your dog presses when he wants to connect to you.

With a little training, your dog will understand how easy it is to connect to you via the Pawcall and you can reward his cleverness and good behaviour when you make contact and dispense a treat.

Understandably, the enhanced technology of this pet camera comes at a price. However, the sheer brilliance of setting up true two-way communication with your dog is priceless.

Chatting With Your Pet is Easy!

- Start each chat in Silent Mode.
- Press the Chat Button and prepare to smile.
- Your dog or cat will see your smiling face on the full-color LED display
- Click the Treat Button when your dog or cat needs a healthy reward.
- Record and Share each high-quality chat to share or enjoy later.
- Press the End Chat Button when it’s time to say “goodbye.” You can always call them back in 5 minutes.

PetChatz products are available in the United States and Canada. All orders are processed within 2 business days of receipt of order. All purchases include Platinum Level Customer Care & Premium PetChatz Cloud Streaming Service with unlimited chats and free over-the-air software updates!

PetChatz features include two-way video chats, streaming DOGTV, aromatherapy, treat dispense, smart video recording, sound and motion detection, and brain games and call mode with PawCall (sold separately).

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