Dining Shelf

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Help your cats gain confidence by giving them an elevated space to eat
Keep your cats’ food off of the ground and away from dogs
Solid wood, tested to hold 85 lbs
Two 1/2-pint dishes included
Natural & beautiful

This is our first generation Dining Shelf. It's a space for our cats to eat and drink that’s off the floor, up away from dogs, and where they’re unable to tip their dishes over.

The Dining Room Cat Shelf comes with two half-pint dishes on the right side of the shelf. There are two brackets attached, one to be mounted into a stud, and one to be mounted with drywall anchors. This piece is very sturdy; it’s been weight tested for 85 lbs. All our furniture comes with screws and drywall anchors for mounting.

Dimensions: Width: 18″ Height (including brackets): 4″ Depth: 11″

Delivery 3 - 5 days.