Large Fabric Raceway

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Perfect starter piece
Wide, sprawling design
Two large hammocks to lounge on
Each hammock tested to hold 62 lbs
Solid wood and thick heavyweight canvas

Cats tear around the house on these Raceways and relax on the hammock sections when they finally tire out. This is the largest of our Raceways, at a little over 6.5-ft long when mounted. There is enough room for multiple cats to play around or one very spoiled cat.

– Standard Dimensions –
Total Width: 84″ Total Height: 16″ Depth: 11″

Each Large Raceway is built to be mounted among six consecutive 16″ studs. We use solid wood for the mounting posts and thick heavyweight canvas for the hammocks. The brackets will come detached and all of our furniture also comes with screws. We’ve tested the individual wooden planks to hold 85 lbs, and the fabric spans to each hold 62 lbs.

Delivery 3 - 5 days.