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Your pet contacts YOU and plays games with PawCall!

This accessory allows your pet to get in touch with you while in “Call Mode” and allows your pet to play brain games in “Game Mode”.

Compatible with PetChatz HD.

Please note: PetChatz® HD and PawCall® are currently available for shipment and use in the United States and Canada. You will be notified upon shipment of the actual product or of any delays.

PawCall allows your pet to call you and play games when you’re away!

Place the durable, pet-safe 3” x 4” PawCall button on the floor near your PetChatz HD system. To let your pet know they can call you or when it’s time for a game, simply schedule times in your PetChatz web app.

Call Mode: PawCall blinks and pets press the button to sends you a message that your pet wants to chat over PetChatz HD.

Game Mode: PawCall randomly blinks and dispenses treats with a button press for a period of time that you select.

PawCall connects seamlessly via Bluetooth to PetChatz. Compatible with PetChatz HD only.

You’re always just a PawCall away!


- Blinks when in call-mode
- Button press dispenses treat and sends you a message telling you your pet wants to chat
- Configured remotely on your smartphone, tablet or computer
- Set to Game Mode to stimulate and exercise your pet’s mind with custom light and touch puzzles – and treat rewards
- Easy pet training protocol
- Works with your PetChatz HD
- Adheres to floor or wall
- Bluetooth enabled
- Battery operated

Durable & Pet-Safe:

PawCall is made of the same durable materials as PetChatz and is designed with pet safety in mind.

Complements Home Decor:
PawCall will blend in with home décor and matches the PetChatz unit. The PawCall accessory can be mounted using 3M Command Strips for security and easy mobility.

PawCall can go wherever the PetChatz unit does – making fun and games transportable as you travel.

PawCall is Bluetooth compatible and connects seamlessly to the PetChatz unit

No Monthly Fees Required:
We offer UNLIMITED CHAT TIME to make every day calls to your pet with PetChatz® HD. Our Cloud Package provides an unlimited amount of audiovisual data streaming per day.

Please note: Apple limits (non-http) video chat streaming on iOS cellular devices to 5 MB data or 5 minutes, whichever comes first. The limit does NOT apply if you are using a Wi-Fi network.

Also available at no additional charge:
Access to helpful instructions for use manual, setup videos and pet training video.

Shipping 2 - 3 days.