Sky Track

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Perfect all-in-one cat complex
Keep your cats from scratching your furniture by giving them some of their own
Physically and mentally challenge your feline friend
Sturdy, tested to hold 62 lbs per hammock, and 85 lbs per wooden piece
Beautiful, large, and sleek design

This is our first generation Cat Sky Track. If you would like to see the Cat Mod – Climb Track which is the second generation of our Sky Track that includes our new removable fabric, hidden brackets, and Cat Mod attachment options, please follow this link.

The Cat Sky Track is a great way to indulge your cat’s natural urge to climb without damaging your furniture or curtains. The four-foot vertical sisal pole has a sixteen-inch hammock attached at the base so cats can leisurely stretch and claw the sisal. At the top of the unit, there is an escape hatch that cats can use to jump down the multiple levels of canvas hammocks and easily reach the ground. After playtime is over, the cats can lounge on one of the many hammocks this piece features.

– Standard Dimensions –
Total Width: 54″ Total Height: 54″ Depth: 11″

This piece is mounted among four studs, spaced 16″ apart. The brackets will come detached and all of our furniture also comes with screws. The Vertical Sisal Pole will come with a Natural colored burlap top. *Please note: This is a pretty difficult piece to mount. You are definitely going to need an extra person, to help you with holding the shelves while you mount the pole.

Delivery 10 - 15 days.